We pride ourselves on having the supercar market knowledge, marketing expertise and the network of loyal and passionate car collectors as well business partners around the world that help our clients achieve their goals in an efficient and convenient way.

We design individual marketing and promotion strategies for each supercar  based on the car model and other factors, including seller’s requirements, to ensure that the sales process is as smooth and as effective as possible. In order to achieve the best value and overall sales performance, we collaborate with selected international industry leaders including supercar dealers, luxury and classic car auctions, and individual investors.

Managed Supercar Sale

The Managed Sale option offers the convenience and security of the transaction, where our team acts as your agent and proactively markets your car to our network of potential buyers as well as to relevant audiences with the help of the marketing team that oversees traditional and digital media channels. In the Managed Sale process, you will be working with a dedicated project manager that will coordinate all activities aimed at obtaining the best offers from multiple buyers, often located in different countries. Feedback and updates on the project are provided to clients on a regular basis or when required by the client.
We take a competitive commission for our managed sales services, which covers all project management and marketing costs.
This option is designed for some of the rarest of the new and used supercar models, including limited edition and classic supercars.

Standard Supercar Sale

The Standard Sale option is designed for more popular and widely available new and used supercars where our team employs targeted sales and marketing strategies designed to reach potential buyers. We employ a wide range of media channels targeting wealthy supercar enthusiasts in selected cities/regions.